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The X-Day Community [entries|friends|calendar]
The X-Day Community

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$5 MANGA W/ FREE SHIPPING!!! [16 Aug 2008|02:33am]


Three day Buy-it-Now listings!
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X-Day icons! [30 Jun 2008|12:08pm]

Alice in Wonderland - 06
Twilight: Jacob Black quotes - 06
The Chronicles of Narnia: Lucy Pevensie - 06
Peter Pan (2003) - 30
X-Day - 30
Miscellaneous - 12


here at neverlandcove
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MANGA FOR SALE! [18 Apr 2008|10:41am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Manga For Sale!

Lots of different kinds:
Drama! Girls Love! HORROR! Magical Girl! Mourning! GOTHIC!
Lots of different plots!
Gothic Lolita! Schoolgirls! KOREAN! Teachers!
Lots of different characters!
3 Different Manga
SOME LOTS with FOUR or FIVE manga from the beginning of a series!!!

Penny Auctions~! $0.01 Auctions! 1 cent Auctions!
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Question about the Chat Room [12 Nov 2007|07:38pm]

The chat room doesn't seem to be working for me - I've tried registering, as well as going in as a guest, however when I click 'log in', nothing happens. Does anyone have any idea as to why this might be the case? Thank you!
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The Setona Mizushiro Fanlisting + X-day french cover [28 Aug 2007|11:00am]

I opened a fanlisting for Setona Mizushiros fan ^^

Please join !

X-day released the 27th January 2005 in France, I'm posting the french covers:

the rest under the cutCollapse )
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[03 Feb 2007|12:28am]

I heard about this manga a while ago and I finally read it. It was very good. I liked Jangalion the best. It was so sad when the hamster died.
Anyway, in the 2nd book, there was another story by the author after the end [I assume in was in the book, admittedly I was reading scans] with this cow-hybrid person. It was very sad but did anyone understand it?
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ursa minor sleepless nights [20 Jul 2006|08:48pm]


has anyone been to http://www.angelfire.com/indie/polaris0/ its a chat room like the one they have in the manga and no one is ever on it so i wanted to get some people to chat with. check it out.
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hello [14 Nov 2005|07:29pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

hey everyone, new here. Erm...yeah okay. I've known X-Day for a while now but was too lazy to actually do anything XD
anyway, i drew some awful fanart today and thought I'd show it to someone besides myself.


Sleepless ------ feat. PolarisCollapse )

thoughts? criticism?

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X-Day out of print? [18 Sep 2005|10:52am]

On the TokyoPop X-Day website, when you go to product info, it says the book is out of print..

So I guess the manga won't be available anymore.. this is sad u.u
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[25 Aug 2005|11:20pm]

Hello everyone.

It's so nice that there's an X-Day community out in the world. And even nicer that a chatroom is included.

Anyways...I simply love this manga-ka. I borrowed it from a friend about a year and a half ago, and accidently ruined her copy, which is how I obtained one. I'm sure I would've picked one up anyways, since I could find so much in common between me and the characters. The art is beautiful, though, and the storyline is fantastic.

As for the chat, I'll probably be in there a lot. I have nothing better to do with my life then to sit online all day, so yeah. And since I'm extremely lazy, I'll probably just stay as a guest...but my usual screenname will be Katsu, so look for me there.
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[14 Aug 2005|10:35pm]

M'on for a while, don't really know how long though....

May I also congratulate on so many people meeting up last wednesday night/morning?? That was great! I think there were at least 6 of us, and it was just AWESOME!
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I'l be on till 1 [12 Aug 2005|12:00am]

[ mood | waiting ]

Hey it's
i'm going to be online till 1 am EST, so if u wanna chat i'll be in the chat room

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[10 Aug 2005|11:17pm]

I'm on the chat for an hour right now. ^^
I think it's a good system if we post when we're on, even if no one else is on, just so people know that there ARE people checkin' in. ^^
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~~+Hello, Lovelies+~~ [22 Jul 2005|03:01am]

[ mood | restless ]

Ahh...so nice to find an X-day community out there. Or here. Or wherever, as the case may be. Either way, its nice. I picked up the first Volume of the manga a while back and instantly fell in love (so to speak) with the storyline and the characters. (I've read the second volume as well, but really, I must be purchasing a copy for myself.) I'll most likely be frequenting the chat when I can, I often cant sleep well at night you see, so if you see NonQ signed in, well yes, you can assume thats me. (Or my evil clone...it just gets so difficult to tell the two apart at times.)

Hmmm...I spose I'll post something more later. I feel I ought to contribute something, being part of a community and all..>.>

~~+Until When+~~

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[18 Jul 2005|11:35pm]

I was on for the past 4 hours, and no one came online! : (
This is just to let people know that I'll prolly be regularly on 'round that time. Please try to come! ^^
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Hey U guyzzz!!! [11 Jul 2005|09:01pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

hehe.. i haven't really posted hear... but
i think that that the x-day chatroom is becomming more lively.

come and join ... it's quite entertaining.


i'm so glad i joined this community ^_^

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hi hi! [11 Jul 2005|07:26pm]

ok well im kinda new...but i absolutely L-O-V-E x-day!! my friend got if for me on my b-day a year ago and i've loved it ever since! i have the first two and are u sure that there is not going to be a third? the second said there would be or did they discontinue it? it they did...THOSE PPL SUCK! lets all go and blow up their place! yeah!
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timezones [08 Jul 2005|03:16am]

[ mood | happy ]

because you may not have seen it in the comments of my last posting
(and ega11 told me so ^^" (i'm not guilty, aaah XD)) i decided to post the timezone-thing here.

it's just one european (my) time and some american - if you have another timezone, please tell me so or add it by yourself ^^~

MET - 24:00 - 02:00 - 04:00 - 06:00 - 08:00 - 09:00 - 12:00 - 14:00 - 16:00 - 23:00
EST - 18:00 - 20:00 - 22:00 - 24:00 - 02:00 - 03:00 - 06:00 - 08:00 - 10:00 - 17:00
MST - 16:00 - 18:00 - 20:00 - 22:00 - 24:00 - 01:00 - 04:00 - 06:00 - 08:00 - 15:00
PST - 15:00 - 17:00 - 19:00 - 21:00 - 23:00 - 24:00 - 03:00 - 05:00 - 07:00 - 14:00

so we know, when and where could be 'sleepless nights'.

i hope it is ok to tell...?
for now there was me (MET), ega11 (EST) and two others (PST) interested in the chat...
and three of us managed to be online at the same time there ^-^ (for a short time, but, yes XD).

i marked some times in -bold- when there could be someone online...

i may edit this entry, not sure if it's accurate like this o.o

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chatrooms [06 Jul 2005|03:49am]

[ mood | sleepless ]

Ok, maybe it is not -that- much X-day...
But since I often feel kind of sleepless at night (I have another rythm of the day and am awake when everyone around is asleep ~_~) and often feel lonely then, I decided to search for... yeah, "Ursa Minor".
I found only three X-day related chatrooms (including the one linked in this community) and all were empty...
So, to all who are interested in spending their 'sleepless nights' in an 'Ursa Minor' room...

...could we compare our Time Zones/online-times or something like that?
I'm fascinated more and more by the thought of an 'Ursa Minor' and would love to find someone in there (wherever, I like the chatroom here *point up to the link* ^^), at least sometimes...

Mh... just a thought, sorry, if it's displaced ^^;

To begin with: I'm from Europe/Germany... I looked up the/some current pacific time and got a shock, because it's my current time + 10 hours, so it would be early in my midday when it's midnight there O.O . Is that right?
It wouldn't be a problem for me to come in at my middays, but that's not 'sleepless night' then (rather 'sleepy day' for me ^^;).

*wave* ~Akuru

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[01 May 2005|09:20pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

i want the next book...

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